Mixed Media
Joey Gum
Video Editor

Hi, I'm Joey Gum, a creative professional who loves to express myself through various mediums.

I have a passion for art, photography, and video editing, and I enjoy working on different projects that challenge my skills and creativity.

Thousands of Flower blooming on the lake
万紫千红总是春天的来临,百花齐放的美景。 It is always spring coming, the moment when a hundred flowers bloom.
Fortuna coming /Fu qi I / Fortuna Blessed symbol I (Feng Shui)
In the culture of the Chinese community,the belief in something that can bring luck and good fortune. In the painting there have many symbols that guide them through life.Specially for masterpieces.
Colorful mountain veins
龙:像是龙的起伏曲折,变化无穷,形容千变万化的山脉形势 脉:脉络通道如人之血脉,也像是大自然气的脉络通道, 沿着大的山脉、岗通向整个山川大地,脉即生气的通道。 mountain: Like the ups and downs of a dragon, describing the ever-changing mountain situation Vein: The Vein channel is like the Vein channel of the natural energy. Along the large mountains and hills leading to the whole mountains and rivers, the veins are the passages of vitality.
Acrylic painting

I can create beautiful and original paintings using acrylics on canvas, paper, or wood. I have experience in various styles, such as abstract, realistic, and impressionistic.


I can capture the essence of any moment with my camera, whether it's a portrait, a landscape, or a product. I can also edit and enhance your photos using Photoshop, Lightroom, or other tools.

Video Editing

I can turn your raw footage into a polished and professional video, using Premiere Pro, After Effects, or other software. I can also add music, sound effects, transitions, and animations to make your video more dynamic and engaging.

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